Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Curtain Progress

This morning I marked where the grommets will go on one curtain top. I am debating with myself about whether I should put a thickener underneath them as the two layers of white are somewhat thin. I want the top of the curtain to be semi-transparent to let a little light in without causing a glare on the TV. So I'm not sure.

Next I cut out the blue and pinned and ironed the edges in.

That was about all I had time for this's off to work I go.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Curtain Top

Never know I would be so excited about curtains, but I am giddy about this curtain top and I've yet to sew anything together yet.

More on the curtains...

I had pretty much narrowed the running down to these two...

The first, by Faye Burgos for Marcus Brothers, I found available for purchase online, the second one by Lynn Studios for Robert Kaufman, I couldn't find anywhere. The Robert Kaufman website said that they sell his lines at Hancock Fabrics, but I looked through the entire store last night and didn't see this one. Since it's more difficult to find, I'll just go with the first one. Plus it has a similar feel to this lamp, which I love.

I love lamp.

Here is what I expect the curtains to look like...

I like the way the variation in the dot size and proximity to each other gives the curtain even more dimension.

Monday, August 27, 2007


My curtain rings came today!

Which is good because my windows are feeling quite naked. I found them at much less expensive then the other places I was looking.

I have been planning out these curtains since we moved in. Got the idea from my good friend Laurie over at

The top curtain (also seen in the sketch below) is the pattern for the windows, both in the living room and the bedroom. The second is the curtain which will cover the pantry in the kitchen area and the closet in the bedroom area.

In the bedroom the curtains will be red and black as seen below...

And in the living room, I'm going with a muted blue...

I've decided I would like to add a printed black to the living room curtains.. But I can't quite decide which print yet. I wanted a print that would still read as black, not gray or white. So here are a few I've found...

The curtain for the pantry (in the same room as the living room) will have a pink piping between the solid black fabric and the printed black border (The kitchen is an original 1948 pink kitchenette with black and chrome details) so I want to make sure the print looks good on both the blue curtains and the pink piped curtains....

Have an opinion? I'd love to hear it. I'm leaning toward one of these prints...What do you think?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Interesting problem

The maintenance team keeps coming and going from our apartment. So I've just been peeking into the bathroom every couple of hours to see their progress. All I reported was a slow drain. Now we've got this:
That can't be normal.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fused Plastic Lunchbag

Etsy Labs posted a fused plastic bags tutorial back in May. Since we suddenly have an excess of plastic bags (I am trying to bring my own bags to the grocery store now) I thought I'd try out the tutorial. I started out with 8 plastic Target bags and cut off the handles and the bottom seam.I then cut them open so they lay flat across the ironing board (ink side in). I covered the plastic with a piece of interfacing and ironed the sheets together for about 20 minutes till they fused together and became one sheet.
I then cut that sheet up and sewed a fabulous lunchbag large enough to hold the square Ziploc containers I use to store all our leftovers. Makes packing lunch in the morning a breeze.

Thick walls

I figured we had thick walls since we can hardly hear a peep out of our neighbors, but today I got to see for myself just how thick they really are.

Our bathtub drain was slow when we moved in, so they opened up the wall to unclog it. Maybe I'm strange to enjoy looking into our walls, but I find it very interesting.

Yes that's two layer of brick between the neighbor and us. Our building is a 12 story brick building that was built in 1948. Our kitchen is still original to the building, well was until yesterday when the faucet started leaking, so now we have new faucets that totally don't match the vintage kitchen. I'll take pictures of that after I wash the dishes.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Kiwi Pear Snapple Metabolism

My new favorite drink. At only 20 calories for the bottle it tastes amazing. On the metabolism thing though, there's a little note that says 300 mg of EGCG per day (along with caffeine) effectively boots metabolism. Since there is only 55mg of EGCG in the bottle, you'd have to drink 6 bottles a day. In addition, I am pretty sensitive to caffeine I really shouldn't have more than 80mg in a day or I don't sleep well and well, let's just say I act a little loopy. This drink has 30 mg of caffeine per bottle so one bottle is pretty safe, a little less than my diet Pepsi.