Saturday, September 01, 2007

snapping in the curtain rings

I started with the dritz curtain rings which came with a template. I used a quilting pencil to trace the template.

Because I wanted the rings to be slightly lower than the ones on other curtains I had seen (pottery barn example) before, I pinned my measuring tape at the top of the fold and used the template upside down. The measuring tape helped me get the spacing between the grommet rings exactly right.

To put the rings in, I cut out the hole I had marked with the template.

I then slid the ring with the lip underneath. It matched up perfectly with the hole. After that I snapped the ring with the teeth onto it.

I love these two colors together. I had planned on going with a lighter blue, but when I saw this one in the store, I knew it just had to be. It goes so well with the nickel colored rings and curtain rod. When I brought it up to the counter for cutting the lady asked me what I was doing with it. "Curtains" I said. She responded "Well, that's a drab color." So here are my "drab" curtains. Would you call these drab?

The one problem I am having is with the corners, see how they droop. I think I will try some starch at the top. I really don't want to make it thicker by placing interfacing in it, because it will make it less transparent and I really want the light to come through the top. So, I'll try starch. If that doesn't work, I can try this. Transparent Buckram.

I am waiting for the fabric to come in for the bottom of the curtain. But while I wait I can sew in the back lining of the two panels and start on the bedroom curtains. Our apartment requires us to line our drapery in white so that the outside of the building looks uniform. I think the white lining will look great on these curtains.

I'm very excited about these, they are turning out quite well. It's the largest project I have ever done and it's going very well. Yea for the "drab" curtains!


Vickie said...

Man, this looks really simple. I think I'd like to try this some time. Thanks for the pics.

Laurie said...

It will also help the droop if you start the rod on that grommit from the other side.

On my curtains the ends/edges face the wall, not the living area. Does that make sense? It's hard to describe.

I'm quite sure that woman had little ducks and teddy bears on her curtains. Maybe some roosters too.

the aesthetic onion said...

I was just thinking of that this morning. I have yet to actually hang the curtains on the window. I am waiting till I get the mod dots fabric attached to the bottom edge so that I can line them up perfectly with the window sill.

Lorretta said...

This is great info to know.